Story of My First Poem

I was in the 10 years old and I taking a science test. This is the way I answered a question:

“The moon is like a flash light,

and the sun turns it on”

My teacher put it in the local newspaper. I thought is was very simple. Every since that day I’ve had a love for Poetry and song lyrics. Something so simple turned into a life long love.

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Daily Battle

I don’t want to be alone with my thoughts,
It’s too crowded,
I constantly have to release them,
I pray to “him” because “you” can’t help me,
All you’ll do is pray for me too,
God is God,
My only hope,
My only love,
My father,
My friend,
My everything,
Oh I am a sinner,
But I still mean this from within,
God has my heart,
The world is trying to control my body,
The only thing I own is my decisions,
I decided that I love Jesus and I believe in God,
This flesh makes this life real hard,
A blessing and a curse,
“Thank you God for waking me up”
Is the first thing I say every morning,
I’m still learning,
Trying to grow,
I’m still me but my goal is to show gratitude to my creator by constantly getting closer to him,
It’s a battle every day

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I Get Lost In My Mind

I’m still fighting the power,
Still fighting the good fight,
My inner circle is real tight,
It’s a little cloudy, but I can still see the light,
I might just make it,
This chain I’m about to break it,
Even though life isn’t fair,
I could get there,
I’m positive I’ll succeed,
I got to plant that mental seed,
We all feel pain,
We all bleed,
I’m no different,
I don’t want to stand out or fit in,
I don’t want to have clout or get in,
I’m just a spectator on a brief sit in,
Trying to examine human life as well as enjoy it,
Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts,
Lost in my mind,
I find questions that can’t be answered,
Why do people hate,
Why is respect for all still a debate,
What is the worlds fate,
Is the hope for peace to late,
When is God coming back,
Does anyone have the date,
No answers,
Potential and hope,
No realization,…
I get lost in my mind.

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The Mirror

Somebody make me smile,

Someone give me joy,

Make me happy,

Love me,

Always searching for that someone…

Did you ever try the mirror?

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I feel like I’m reaching for this dream,

It seems I’ve completely lost focus,

I’m not making plans,

Not setting goals,

Complacency has a firm hold over me,

The only reason I’ve survived is love and faith,

What is safe?

Everything is a risky decision,

It’s all risky business,

One wrong move and it’s over,

Consistent right moves will bring joy,

Impulse decision bring destruction,

My heart is under reconstruction.

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The World Says

I’m looking for a another way,

A brighter day,

This routine is way past old,

Money doesn’t rule” my world”,

It does seem to rule “the World”,

It’s difficult for me to make money doing what I love,

Money and love should not go together,

This world says otherwise,

The world says if you have money your smart, happy, and successful,

This is the belief of more than a few,

Is what the world says true?

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It’s amazing what they think of me,
Judging from the exterior,
That’s what they do,
They underestimate me,
They even make fun of me,
I hear the things they say about me,
Talking, that’s what they like to do,
The problem is while you talking, someone else talking about you!

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