I Know

If I could get clarity I would feel different,

I know I won’t because it’s a rarity to get full disclosure from anyone,

The perplexing and puzzling games you play leave me confused,

Do you have love for me or has time made you indifferent about your feelings,

Acknowledge the wrongs,

Take responsibility for your transgressions,

You know that your actions caused chaos in our lives,

You can conceal the truth,

But I know.

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The End


It started by surprise,

I wasn’t looking for love,

Wasn’t even looking for a friend,

We were best friends that’s how it began,

The real question is HOW DID IT END…

She lost her mind,

That’s the only reasonable explanation I came up with at first,

I started to realize it wasn’t meant to be,

To know that really hurt me,


Not long enough,

I still haven’t got enough of thinking about her,

We are still friends and I wish her the best,

Time has made our love just a beautiful memory,

The End

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Our Day

Alone in a place of peace,

Just me and my love,

Away from the drama of our world,

Just me and my girl,

No one worrying about the color of our skin,

Just me and my angel,

A perfect get away,

I remember it,

It was a perfect day.

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Be My Hero

Tell me its going to be okay,

Tell me I have nothing to fear,

Tell me you’ll never stop loving me no matter what,

If you tell me I’ll believe you,

I trust you and I never trust anyone,

Make the world less scary,

Help me carry what seems to be the weight of the world,

Love me unconditionally.

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Thinking About Love

I woke up thinking about love,

Not just my definition I was seeking wisdom from above,

The biggest mystery in my life has been love,

The most painful experiences in my life has been do to love,

I’ve cried because of love,

I’ve tried because of love,

I’ve almost died because of love,

I would never trade love for anything,

I take the good and the bad, because the good definitely outweighs the bad,

Maybe I will never know what love is to everyone,

I do know what love means to me.

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My Perfect World

If I could change the world for my baby girl I would,

I would end all crime if I could,

No one would judge,

No one would struggle,

Everyone would forgive and forget,

No one would hold a grudge,

People would be able to see others personality and heart,

Instead of their face and race,

Life would be full of joy and time would move at a slow pace,

My Perfect World.

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It’s My Life

It’s time to move on,

Its time to step out on on faith and make a move,

Its a risk?

Life is a risk,

If I don’t take any shots I’ll always miss

Being happy is always at the top of my list,

I have to do what will make me feel successful,

I define my success,

I want to run my race not yours,

So if I don’t get any applause for my choices I don’t care,

Because it’s my life.

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