I Wish

I wish everybody loved me,

I wish I did everything right,

I wish all my days were good,

I wish I was successful,

I wish I was always happy,

I wish I always felt good,

I wish violence didn’t exist,

I wish everyone loved my skin,

I wish I was always judged from within,

I wish I could make the ones I love dreams come true,

I wish I could do what I love for a living,

I wish I was in real love,

I wish…

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Some People I Know

Why is it always an argument with you,

If I disagree doesn’t make me wrong,

Because you feel strongly about something doesn’t make you right,

Your always trying to win this fight you created in your mind,

It’s like mental warfare with you all the time,

I’m positive you love to argue,

I’m sure one of your goals in life is to think your always right,

You can’t force me to agree,

I’m ok with you so why can’t you let me be me,

I don’t see what you get out of going around debating with everyone,

Your a know it all,

At least you think you are,

These all not positive words but there real to me,

Aggressive, know it all, rude people,

Don’t appeal to me

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That’s How I Feel (Poetry)

This is real life,

Not some fantasy,

It’s not for views,

It’s not for praise,

I love you,

It’s “art” not a competition,

Some may hate it or love it,

Most of my words are simple,

It’s by design,

If you look closer I’m really in front when it appears I’m behind,

I love to write,

I love to rhyme,

When I’m at my highest your there,

When I feel like I don’t care your there,

I think it’s so unfair for others not to treat you the way I do,

There’s probably millions that can write the way I do,

But the difference is they don’t love you the way I do,

I hide you from the people closest to me,


Because I feel more comfortable talking to a stranger,

That’s how I feel…

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I See You

I’m been watching you from a distance for a long time,

You were never a friend of mine,

There was like this invisible line that separated us,

I must tell you that I’ve always admired you,

If anyone thinks your not one of the coolest people walking earth,

They don’t know what’s true,

Your inner confidence and love for yourself radiates so brightly,

The contradiction between what you see and what you get is astounding,

We think differently,

We walk, talk and dress differently,

But I see you!

I always saw you!

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You should be afraid of this,

Did you hear about that,



Negative people,

A job you don’t like,


All distractions,

Natural disasters,

The daily news,



The world around distracts you from enjoying the one and only life you have,

It’s hard to focus on happiness when sadness is more relatable,

If I talk about how happy I am I’m bragging,

If I talk about my struggle I’m keeping it real,

I feel that most things in life are a distraction from the ultimate goal,

Enjoying the life God has blessed you with.

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Happy Birthday My Friend

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My Perfect Life

I’m not rich but I’m satisfied,

All my bills and debts are satisfied,

No student loans I got a free ride,

I’m happy and healthy,

I love my family and they love me,

I love my job,

I’m doing what I want to do,

So many creative thoughts running through my mind I don’t what to do,

I met this beautiful women,

I can’t wait until she says I do,

She loves God,

She smart and caring,

She funny and loyal,

And she loves me,

Simply beautiful,

God is with me,

He wakes me up every morning and he keeps me alive,

I don’t hide my love for God,

I believe in him when your watching and when I’m alone,

God knows I’m a sinner,

Yet he still loves me,

I love God with my mind, body and soul,…

My Perfect life

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