You Are A Dream

Close your eyes and go back to that place,

Remember that beautiful face,

The sweet smells,

Can you feel the soft touch,

Feel the emotion of love and happiness,

You feel invincible,

God is on your side and he gave you an angel,

How can you lose?

A moment of pure fulfillment,

The feeling of being loved and receiving the same love in return,

A small piece of paradise,

Love rarely strikes,

This time it was precise,

Straight through the heart, mind, body and soul,

We’ll grow old together,

No matter the weather I can depend on you,

Whatever you say I never second guess if it’s true,

I can do absolutely anything if I have you…

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We all have a choice to make,

What will making this choice take,

Will this choice break us apart,

Don’t only choose from the heart,

Research, use your mind as well,

Listen to what others have to say,

Don’t let anyone tell you your choice,

We all have a voice.

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Morning Thoughts

Do whatever is hot,
For money I should,
But I’m not,
How far are you willing to go for money,
Nothing strange,
Nothing illegal,
No funny business,
Life is real serious at times,
You do need to relax,
The facts are life is short and you need to enjoy your time,
If your alive,
Your in your prime,
Time has no rhyme are reason,
Everything has it’s season,
I’m not down,
I’m not plotting,
My mind is working,
It’s not rotting,
I’m letting God work.

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It’s so complex to me,
Should I be concerned,
Should I be afraid,
Faith should keep me strong,
But is it wrong to be dismissive and happy in such a chaotic time,
Should I focus on happiness or preparation for tragedy,
“Life is short I should enjoy it”,
“Your not going to be young forever prepare for the future”,
“You can die any second live for the moment”,
I’m so confused

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Talking To My Younger Self (Bullied)

Dear 12 year old me,

Fight back!

I’m not saying be violent,

I’m saying stand up for yourself,

The things that your about to endure is going to be bad for your mental health,

It also gave you a wealth of knowledge,

What you learned this year made you a different person,

Being bullied constantly is a form of tourture,

It only last a year,

You got over fear of being yourself this year,

After this by the grace of God you were never bullied again,

But while your in it,

Fight Back!!

Don’t sit back and let them talk to you any kind of way,

And definitely don’t let them put there hands on you,

Most of all pray that God shows you a way to stand up for yourself,

Because now, there is no way it would go down the same,

All those clowns that bullied you,

You can still remember there first and last name,

Being bullied is tattooed on your brain,

It’s a good thing,

It makes you keep an eye out so it won’t ever happen again.

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My Truth

We have all seen things,

I can’t dismiss your experience,

God judges from the inside,

People judge from appearance,

I could stress my entire life trying to get this secret “worldly”clearance,

Or I can love God and do my best to please him,

It’s not my place to criticize if you don’t agree,

You have your own beliefs and I’ll always be me,

So you see God love,

Love is God,

It’s hard for me to Invision another human being making judgment on another person soul,

That’s not love,

And your not God,

I stay very humble knowing that I know almost nothing,

If knowledge is power than God has all of it,

What we have labeled as facts someone made it up,

What’s labeled as a lie is the probably is the truth,

They’ll tell you anything without any proof

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It’s about to begin,

I never want to do this,

I wish I wanted to do this,

It’s got better,

But I know one slip it could be worse than ever,

I never dreamed I’d be doing this,

It’s not horrible,

It’s not even bad,

It’s just not me,

And I see it,

If I could just walk away and be comfortable I would,

I can walk,

It’s not prison,

It would just be a very stupid decision,

Here we go another day,

I pray God pulls me through.

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