I Love Me (Inspiration)

I was created perfectly,

I don’t care what you think,

Even my flaws are beautiful,

Truthfully the world tries to bring me down,

I am lifted higher by a higher power,

Confidence, not in myself but in God,

I love me more then anyone,

I know myself,

I think I am one of the greatest people I know,


God told me so.

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You Might Like What You See

I don’t ever want to sound preachy or a know it all,

I’m far from perfect, but I do know the difference between my opinions and facts,

What I believe is, “my truth”,not “the truth”,

Many people say they know everything but have no proof,

The world has been around a long time my mind can’t grasp the concept of knowing everything,

Just being alive brings me a sense of humility,

The point is, try to be open minded to other people’s point of view on everything,

You might like what you see.

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Do You Know The Answers?

What do I do?
What did I do?
Who’s successful by the world’s standards?
Only a few,
What I knew and what I know has changed,
I don’t know much and I never will,
Who knows it all?
No one ever will.

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Thank you for everything,
I see the light in the dark,
You are my light,
I depend on you,

Its not all bad,
My eyes are open,
I’m praying for them,
I see their pain,
God help them,
God help us

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My Problem

When do I worry about tomorrow?
When do I care what people think of me?
When do I have total confidence?
What will the future bring?
I don’t know.

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All You Do Is Complain

I need money,
I want money,

I don’t want to hear your complaints,
I got my own,
Its like my phone is a hotline for your problems,

I’m in love,
I’m out of love,
So much drama,
I don’t know what to do

Stop being dumb,
Try taking care of yourself,
You don’t have to be with anybody,
Be alone for awhile,
Stop hunting relationships,
If it’s forced, it’s not real,
Grow Up!!

I’m unsuccessful,
I feel stupid,
Lazy and no good,
I need a change

Get up and do something positive,
Just get up,
All you do is talk and plan,
Debate on choices,
Talk! Talk! Talk!
Never any action

Am I talking to you or me?….

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Why So Antisocial ?

Because people are untrustworthy,

People look for every flaw everything mistake,

They take your pain and gossip about it,

People are fake,

Smile in your face and talk about you bad all over the place,


Not all people,

Almost all the people I know,

So Why so Antisocial?

My environment made me that way,

I’m not saying its right,

It’s my perception,

My opinion,

My point of view.

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