Why So Antisocial ?

Because people are untrustworthy,

People look for every flaw everything mistake,

They take your pain and gossip about it,

People are fake,

Smile in your face and talk about you bad all over the place,


Not all people,

Almost all the people I know,

So Why so Antisocial?

My environment made me that way,

I’m not saying its right,

It’s my perception,

My opinion,

My point of view.

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5 Responses to Why So Antisocial ?

  1. zeesviews says:

    People are fake indeed😒

  2. Yep once you see into the heart of darkness behind the mask you want to give those types a very wide berth. ❤

  3. I feel the pain of which you speak. Not everyone, but too many, are fine with perfection being the enemy of the good-even to the point of denying a person has any good in him/her, at all-because he or she is IMPERFECT.

  4. oladewalaura says:

    This is an amazing piece here. People are truly fake.

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