All You Do Is Complain

I need money,
I want money,

I don’t want to hear your complaints,
I got my own,
Its like my phone is a hotline for your problems,

I’m in love,
I’m out of love,
So much drama,
I don’t know what to do

Stop being dumb,
Try taking care of yourself,
You don’t have to be with anybody,
Be alone for awhile,
Stop hunting relationships,
If it’s forced, it’s not real,
Grow Up!!

I’m unsuccessful,
I feel stupid,
Lazy and no good,
I need a change

Get up and do something positive,
Just get up,
All you do is talk and plan,
Debate on choices,
Talk! Talk! Talk!
Never any action

Am I talking to you or me?….

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2 Responses to All You Do Is Complain

  1. Sometimes, we talk into the mirror. Other times, it’s someone else’s insistent self, intruding on our personal space.

  2. I notice when I complain about things I really need to buckle under and accept. Complaining does not much good and never leads you to a solution (found that out the hard way 😦 )!

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