In My Zone

I got to get out of my zone,

Things are happening all around me but I’m just focused on home,

So much has changed,

I feel ashamed for letting so much pass me by,

Life moves so fast,

I wish it would wait on me,

But as you can see life and time waits on no man or woman,

It’s up to me to capitalize on what I have before me, as well as explore outside of my space,

We all look at mortality in the face every second,

Don’t look at the clock all the time, just know that it’s still ticking,

Sometimes I feel that everything is clicking,

Other times it’s all falling apart,

God give me the heart to keep moving,


Never proving myself to anyone,

Just being the best me I can be,

Still I want to see things from all angles,

I don’t want to be one sided,

My mind is multidimensional ,

I feel like I hide it,

At times I feel like I’m in a crowded room yet still alone,

In my own zone blind to the world around me,

God help me.

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10 Responses to In My Zone

  1. MAP195 says:

    good post…well written…thanks for share

  2. aruna3 says:

    Most beautifully written,dear!!uncertainty in this world is a immortal truth.bless you my dear!!

  3. inhiscare753 says:

    This deeply resonates within, as though it leaked from my very pen, within. Beautifully expressed, God is so timely. Stay Free indeed. 😊

  4. Joel Abakah says:

    This is relatable.
    God help us all find that space, that zone we can truly find ourselves 💚💚

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