Mom Taught Me How To Pray

Every morning as a family we had to stand in a circle and pray,

This wasn’t for special events,

This was every day,

I’m an adult now and I still say the same prayer every day,

I have survived because someone was praying for me,

And if they weren’t, I’ve been praying for myself,

Wealth is nice,

God, Peace of mind, and family is better,

“Don’t worry about anything pray about everything”,

That’s what I was taught,

Agree or disagree this is how I became me,

I’ve did my dirt,

I still sin,

But within I’m in constant prayer,

Do prayers come true?


I pray every night to wake up in the morning,

I’m still here,

That seems like a basic prayer until you don’t wake up,

I give thanks to God and asked him to provide my needs everything day,

I’m so blessed that Mom taught me how to pray.

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3 Responses to Mom Taught Me How To Pray

  1. A faithful mothers prayers! Who can withstand their greatness? 🙂

  2. aruna3 says:

    It is natural in India.i admire your mom.

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