You Know What I’m Saying?

I pray I look back on this and smile,

Life seems calm sometimes,

Other times it’s completely wild,

Is it foul to complain,

Should I fake happiness if I’m not,

I say look for the positive,

I don’t say fake it,

I’m human I have emotions,

I can’t be permanently stuck on joy,

I wish I could,

I have my moments when I feel down,

The sound of my problems being repeated in my brain,

It’s enough to drive a person insane,

Not me,

I’m blessed,

When I stress I pray,

Then I pray again and I keep praying,

You know what I’m saying?

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1 Response to You Know What I’m Saying?

  1. Prayer, God is always listening. Go to the Father and seek the comfort only He can provide!

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