Do You

Trapped in my on mind with the world passing by,

I want to cry but there are too many things to cry about,

So I pray,

I smile,

I write,

I fight against this invisible enemy that’s trying to steal my joy,

You can only act coy for so long,

You know what’s going on,

Just like you know right from wrong,

Time won’t stop for you,

So do what ever it is you love to do,

Don’t let anyone determine your success,

Trust in God and do you

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5 Responses to Do You

  1. mywords2228 says:

    Amen! Love this, thanks for sharing.

  2. You know my friend, this is a beautiful share. Stop by and chat with AOC anytime. Reblogging to AmericaOnCoffee Rush Hour

  3. Omatra7 says:

    The more you speak, the more it lifts off your shoulders – I do the same, I feel the same … everyone is human… and I agree …

    Do what you love, be happy… writing also connects with others who experience same or similar in some way.

    Laughter … has always kept me strong – look for that

    And amazing people – you do come across them. I like to call them “earth angels” lol ❤️

    Stay strong and laugh always ✌️

  4. Lovely piece..!😊🙌🏻

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