Love Shades


I almost see perfection when I look at you,

You could never do me wrong,

I couldn’t imagine you leaving my side,

You’ve never lied,

You make me feel almost invincible,

Its inconceivable to think that we could ever be apart,

You love me so much and I know you have my heart


Look at who you really are,

A cheater and a liar,

You walked out of my life for no reason,

I heard people like you are only around for a season,

You switched up so fast,

Last week you were my everything,

This week you’ve done everything to break my heart,

How could this be,

It’s the Love Shades that made me not see the real you

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2 Responses to Love Shades

  1. mildredprincewelch says:

    You haven’t seen thereal me
    you saw your real self
    all love in the beginning is fiery hot
    the same things that light love up
    arethe values that get love up-

    You want your cake
    and eat your cake
    still have your cake
    if you hide you can’t run
    if you run you can’t hide
    in your mind your mind you left my side
    you cheated first,I followed suit
    I know you made love toyour boss in his suite-

    If you want to return
    I want you to return
    having another turn
    of your fierce lovemaking
    love theway you cook, bake, and shake
    in bed never forgetting how you
    scream *&* holler to the max
    when you climax-

    By: Van Prince

  2. Lia says:

    Definitely hurts when our positive perception of someone seems incongruous with their later harmful actions. And harm sometimes begets more harm. Hugs and take care.

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