Money Is A Drug

Money is like medicine,

It’s a good medicine if you use the right way,

A bad addiction if you use it the wrong way,

You can be abuse it,

You can gain what seems like it all,

Then lose it,

More people die over money then all drugs and diseases combined,

Money can intertwine itself in your mind and take over,

In the end is when you’ll realize it was all just a waste of time,

It’s like chasing a high,

You know why you want more and more,

You depend on it to survive,

Can’t go a day without it,

When you run out you’ll need more,

Money is a drug,

All dirty money shouldn’t only be associated with thugs,

Its dirty money all over the place,

Some people base their existence around money,

But what’s funny is money can’t buy the most valuable things,

Health, time and love,

Money can’t by you into heaven above,

So again money is a dangerous drug that doesn’t require a prescription,

You can take it responsibly,

Or turn it into an addiction

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1 Response to Money Is A Drug

  1. mildredprincewelch says:

    Money is the median by which we live and the medium by which manifest itself
    to spell Live=(Evil)!”
    _-Van Prince

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