The Real

If I tell you that money doesn’t mean anything I’m not just talking,

As your walking or running through life money will be there,

As real problems arrive like health and death you won’t care,

Money can’t save you!

When I tell you be yourself and that’s all you have to be,

I’m saying it because I’m living it,

I’m comfortable with being myself even if your not,

I’m the one who has to live with myself not you,

So loving who and what I am is essential to me,

Also when I say your mind is free,

It is!

People can tell you whatever they want,

You have the choice to agree or disagree,

Your mind is free!

No one has to agree with me ,

And I’m cool,

Positivity is what I search for ,


Because I feel people want me to search for the opposite,

Because most people I know don’t search for positivity, and it makes me stand out,

Because I believe it pleases God,

Because I want to be happy,

The reasons to search for positivity in this life is infinite,

This isn’t just me writing,

Trying to make words rhyme,

Trying to get attention,

This is how I really feel,

Not only that this is exactly what I think is REAL

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3 Responses to The Real

  1. Renee🌻 says:

    Everything hinges on having a positive attitude. Even if outward circumstances are chaotic, we can choose to be happy on the inside and keep a good attitude. I so agree! 😄

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