Just Don’t

Remember when you walked away that was your choice,

We all have choices and decisions to make,

We don’t know if it’s right or wrong at the time,

Later on we find out that we made some questionable decisions,

Wrong choices,

That’s what I think you did,

Maybe it was fate,

Maybe your love for me had an expiration date,

Meaning it was fake,

Because real love is forever,

If you can’t handle stormy weather,


Don’t act like your in love,

Make someone your spouse then all of a sudden bounce because your bored!


If your not willing to fight for love in a relationship,


Playing with people’s hearts and time is serious,

Don’t tell someone and show someone you love them unless you really mean it ,


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3 Responses to Just Don’t

  1. henhouselady says:

    Wow. Love really doesn’t have an expiration date. Some people should stay out of the ring. They don’t have what it takes to be in a relationship.

  2. Priti says:

    Yes absolutely playing with someone’s heart can destroy that person . Very well written thank you πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈπŸ‘Œ

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