Birthday Thoughts

Thank God!

I feel so privileged and blessed,

Thank God!

I’m happy to be here and I can see how much I’ve been blessed,

I used complain more,

But for all the complaining I didn’t get anything,

All I did was waste my precious time thinking about trivial situations,

Things that didn’t mean anything a year later,

I’m trying to be thankful for each and everything I have,

From family to the last breath I took,

Sounds stupid,

Not so stupid if didn’t have that breath,

Anyway today is a wonderful,

It’s my Birthday,

I’m so happy I made it,

I’m so happy my family is still here,

God thank you so much,

I know I mess up,

God forgive me,

This year I want to strive to be the best man I can be,

Thank you God

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3 Responses to Birthday Thoughts

  1. Gratitude brings happiness. Great piece. Happy Birthday!❤️

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