Bits and Pieces


No one knows this better than you,

This is for you and only you,

No one can replace you,

God specifically made this for you,

You should know all about this through and through,

You are an expert at being you


This is not one of my best moments,

I just thank God it’s not my worse moments or my last,

Life moves fast I can’t spend it stressed,

The less stress the happier I am,

Life throws some horrible things at you,

It also gives you beautiful blessings,

Balancing a negative world with a positive attitude seems impossible,

The negative seems to be wanted and the positive seems only an idea


If you were to be worried,

I suggest that you try not to be,

Please don’t be worried about some of the stupid stuff people tell me,



And outright nonsense,

Everything going on in the world, and I’m supposed to worry about that?!

Some complaints might be ligitiment,

But the gossip and hate that can go


Don’t be what people think you are,

Be who you think you are,

Being polite,

Minding your own business will get you far,

Watch your mouth,

You know one slip can make things go south,

Don’t be so hard on yourself no one is perfect,

I know you worry about so much,

Please have faith God is always there


I can’t worry about tomorrow for several reasons,

I’d rather not worry at all,

So much is going on right now,

How can I worry about something that hasn’t happened yet,

Yet I do

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