My Love

I’m sorry I’ve been away so long my love,

I have missed you,

There have been so many emotions I’ve been going through,

I’ve been stressed out and depressed,

I’ve been struggling and in pain,

God gave you to me like and umbrella in the rain,

Like a shield to ease some of my pain,

I’m sorry my love but trust me I’ve still been constantly calling on Gods name,

I just didn’t know what to say,

I was in tears everyday,

Now it’s time for a change,

Nothing odd or strange,

I’ve shared you with the world but not my world,

Some people understand my love for you and others don’t,

That’s why I’ve been hesitant to share my love,

But God told me if he gives you a present from above let it shine for the entire world to see,

The gift God gave me was me being me,

You my love are a way for everyone to see ….

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2 Responses to My Love

  1. Lovely, well done I love it. ❤

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