Dear Poetry

I write to ease the stress,
Free the mind,
Find my way,
I write to pray,
This anxiety keeps my mind moving,
Thinking about any and everything,
This is how I sooth my fears,
I speak to a lonely world that rarely if ever speaks back,
It’s ok,
It’s my art,
It’s for me,
It’s my therapy,
Real thoughts straight from my heart.

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I would love to make the people I love overwhelmingly happy,
I love bringing joy,
I’m not sure I’ve brought joy often enough,
Life is hard,
It’s also beautiful,
It depends on your view,
I’ve had more than a few bad days,
Praise God the smile’s have tremendously out number the cries,
I don’t have many astounding success stories yet,
But I got infinite stories of tries,
I’ve been right on the edge several times,
The edge of giving up,
I always go right back to God to give me hope,
With all the sins I have committed,
All the wrong,
“God still loves me”,
Thats the song that plays in my heart,
Without faith I would give up

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I Don’t Want To Lose Me

I love the person I am,

My honesty,

Loyalty and Sense of humor,

I’m polite,

I like to blend in,

I’m a unique light hidden in the darkness,

I love me!

I also know my countless flaws,

All the various things I need to improve on,

The list of my mistakes can go on forever it seems,

I need to be better,

I want to be better,

In the process of self improvement I don’t want to lose the person inside I love,

Change is beautiful sometimes,

Other times it’s not,

I see the man I strive to be,

But I don’t want to lose me.

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I can’t do this much longer,

I really don’t want to,

Yes I’m relaxing,

I’m not progressing,

I need to learn from my on lesson,

“Stop wasting time”,

Am I in my prime,


I’ll never know if I don’t make a move,

The world is a big place,

How do I choose,

Is life only work,

Or is it only enjoyment,

Confusing is what it is.

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Just Me

Failure has been my greatest teacher,

I learn from messing up,

But I’m no idiot I learn from others mess ups also,

If you got burnt by touching it I’d be a fool to touch it,

I’m far from perfect and my problems are not unique,

I just pray any problems I have are

not brought on by me,

I’m a slow learner, but a quick burner,

Which means I might not see the bad situation right away,

Once I do I’m gone right away,

It’s not my best quality,

That’s just me everyday.

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What Should I Do

I don’t know what’s going on anymore,

I don’t know if I’m coming or going,

Not sure if my pain is showing,

People guess not knowing anything about you,

See I smile when I want to cry,

I try to stay happy in negative circumstances,

What can I do?

That’s the burning question,

More like what should I do?

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The fight is on,

The never ending battle inside,

God helps me,

I hide,

If I knew what to do I would,

Do I know what to do?

Maybe I do,

I’m scared,

I’m not ashamed to say that,

Understanding yourself and all your beauty and flaws takes the shame away,

I know me,

I love me,

Why wouldn’t I want to help myself,

I don’t want to know how the journey is going to end,

I would like to know which road to travel before I begin.

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