The One

If I start something with you

I have to finish with you

You are the constant force in my life

You are the One

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My View

All artist that do it from the heart are amazing,

Especially the ones that get no recognition,

Its like in this new world artistic integrity is missing,

Maybe if you mumble some words and get some absurdly placed face tattoo’s you can be heard,

No one will know what your saying, but at least you’ll get paid,

Opinions, no one cares about mine,

That’s cool,

I might be old school,

But at least I’m not a sell out, drop out,

Am I Ranting and raving,

Complaining and hating,

None of the above,

Just giving the view through my eyes.

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Poetry For Pain

A new sunny day has started,

The clouds and rain have departed,

Should I stay inside,

Maybe go out and enjoy the weather,

I’m nervous of another storm,

It has been warm,

Everytime it’s hot things tend to happen,

Some good, some criminal,

It’s a gamble,

Very unpredictable this life,

I want prosperity and success to be my wife,

People come and go unexpectedly,

I just pray God sees the best in me,

Just like this day I have my sunny days,

The hurricanes and tornadoes do appear when the heat rises,

Mostly I’m cool like winter time,

That’s 99% of the time,

That 1% is why I rhyme.

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The Love Will Stay

Its been so long my thoughts of you or better than reality,

You have turned into a fantasy in my mind,

I choose to only find good memories,

The bad ones I do recall,

I will never stop loving you,

You’ll always be my girl,

How can I tell you your my world then stop loving you,

Your feelings might have changed according to you,

But I loved you with all my heart and that’s the Gods honest truth,

You never needed proof I showed you,

I’m real mad you walked out on me,

I won’t lie,

Life goes on all I can do is try to sort through all these emotions and feelings,

Its not like peeling off a bandage,

Because that pain goes away,

The pain you left me with will forever stay,

So will the love.

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My Struggle

I really have something to say,

The line between good and evil in this world is turning grey,

It’s like people are making a way to find bad things,

Your heart is where your mind is,

If you only think negative what do you think life will be,

I’m not saying this to only you,

I’m saying this to me,

I struggle with emotions,

It’s like a choppy ocean having anxiety disorder,

I’m the calmest coolest guy alive in my opinion,

On the inside I still feel anxiety is winning,

I’m beginning to lose a little hope in people,

I’ll have my faith in God for eternity.

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Can I always say and do the right thing,
I only want to bring uplifting vibes,
I’m a peaceful man,
I just have a hard time being able to stand being bothered,
If I’m minding my business why can’t people mind thiers,
No one cares about my problems or if I’m upset,
So I try not to project my feelings onto others,
God help me control my emotions,
God help me be the man you want me to be,
I want to be perfect,
That’s an impossibility,
What is a possibility is faith and self restraint,
Easier said than done where I’m from,
I got to give more time to the man upstairs,
So down here on earth I can find some real Peace.

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The Lost Lady

The Lost Lady who had no voice,

Now has a voice,

She can voice her opinion freely

The Lost Lady who could not vote can now vote,

She has a hope of voting for herself one day

The Lost Lady with a gleam in her eyes,

And a dream in her heart doesn’t feel lost anymore.

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