Let’s Begin (Poetry)

Intro To Let’s Begin

Even though we are just beginning,

This love is decades old,

I remember the exact time I fell in love with you,

Even though I was a child I could see what love could do,

You never abandoned me even when I acted ashame of you,

There were times when I thought I didn’t need you,

That our relationship was pointless,

It’s just been me and you all these years hidden in plain sight,

Trying to keep the positivity fight alive,

Keeping me alive,

We talk to God together,

We discuss the storms and bad weather others go through,

I love you!

So what I’m repetitive at times,

Some people pray someone would repeatedly talk to them about love and positivity,

I just do it for myself most of the time,

These are my thoughts from my mind,

Let’s Begin…

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