How can you and who are you to deem another person bad or evil,

I judge and when I do it I’m completely wrong,

You judge but when you do it you can’t see any wrongs,

No way this person is as bad as you make them seem,

If they were they wouldn’t even be on the scene,

You can’t believe everything you hear,

And technology has advanced,

You can’t even believe everything you see,

Is it just me or does no one want to say they are wrong sometimes,

I don’t think anyone is right or wrong all the time,


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3 Responses to How?!

  1. K E Garland says:

    …not all the time, but some times, for sure. I suppose it’s always better to just look in the mirror anyway.

  2. Omatra7 says:

    There are some evil people… when someone proves that without a doubt over years and years… then I can not handle them.

    I have an evil person in my life – just one… but they are relentlessly evil. So whatever – I stay far away. I can’t not handle for myself.

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