This story is about Kevin,

Kevin lived in a rough neighborhood,

The kind of place no one should choose to be,

Kevin lived accross the street from the biggest drug dealer in the city,

At a young age he had witness some horrific things,

What a pity,

His life, it was a game of survival,

Where even the people under your same roof are your rivals,

Kevin believed everything had a reason,

And everyone has thier season,

If God didn’t have a plan for him he wouldn’t be breathing,

Most of his friends weren’t,

And the ones that were, took breaths behind bars,

Sentenced for murder all the way to stealing cars,

See Kevin was blessed from beyond the Stars,

Blessed to be alive,

Blessed to have survived,

Kevin was no angel but he still strived to do the right thing,

He thought “even though I’m a sinner, my goal is to bring a smile to Gods face“,

He had this thought without any trace of selfishness or wanting blessing in return,

Kevin messed up often,

But his faith was firm,

God had always been there when no one else was there,

Kevin called out to God when no one else cared,

Kevin prayed to God and Kevin believed he spared his life countless times,

Kevin was never a lover or a fighter,

Kevin was a thinker,

Kevin often thought about helping others,

And making the world around him brighter,

I refer to Kevin in the past tense,

Since Kevin is no longer with us due to nonsense,

On a friday morning with the sun shining bright,

Some random people in a gang decided they were looking for a fight,

Kevin was on his way to his new job in Retail,

Little did he know he wasn’t going to be able to tell his story,

Kevin walked outside in front of his house waiting on his ride to work,

When some jerk decided to approach him aggressively talking junk,

Kevin was a nice guy but he was no ones punk,

The last words he ever heard was “what set do you claim chump“,

Then he heard the pump from a shotgun and pow,


What a way to go for some one who had so much potential,

So much to show,

I don’t even know how to end this story,

I pray for Kevin and his family ,

He has went on to glory.

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4 Responses to Kevin

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  2. henhouselady says:

    Great post. Great story.

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